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Almanza Villarreal is a third generation family business characterizing as a pioneer in providing international trade services since 1946. We have participated in the start-up of more than 50 maquiladoras (IMMEX) and companies in the region, evolving from being a Customs Broker Agency to an International Logistics Group.

We share our history with pride, however our reason to exist is to provide global services of excellence to our clients. For which we have highly trained personnel who share our values, thus positioning the company at the highest levels of service, technological innovation, and industry knowledge.

Currently, Almanza Villarreal is your business partner who offers great and secure competitive advantages in this world of global exchange

reason of being


Our motto "some people dream of success, we wake up and work hard on it" is our guide to assure us that there are better ways of doing and solving things, thus achieving strategic technological innovation.

Quality Policy

“We are committed to offering agile, efficient, and continuously improved foreign trade services, meeting the safety needs of our clients through a quality system.”.

To provide high-quality foreign trade solutions focused on customs compliance and logistical facilitation. Through qualified personnel and personalized advice, contributing to global development.

To be an international logistics group, driven by a passion for excellence, integrating a global network of high-quality services and technological innovation. Evolving with our clients and collaborators, adding value to generate competitiveness and profitability.

Our Values

Ensure that we behave and express ourselves with sincerity and coherence in the Agency based on respect for oneself and others, the laws and regulations established by the company and society.

It is an essential cornerstone that guides every action, ensuring transparency, ethics, and reliability in our global logistics network.

Meet our work obligations by doing a little more than expected. Update knowledge in order to achieve the professional development of those of us who work in the Company and thus meet the needs of our customers.

We combine efforts, skills, and resources to optimize the logistics chain and overcome challenges together.

A constant commitment to efficiency, precision, and exceptional service at every stage of our global logistics operation.



With the commitment to ensure quality and continuous improvement of our services, and to increase client satisfaction, Almanza Villarreal Agencia Aduanal is a company certified under ISO 9001:2015.


We are focused on our clients by meeting the following objectives:

  • Deliver a Foreign Trade SERVICE that meets and exceeds your requirements.
  • Offer and maintain a friendly, cordial and respectful TREATMENT with all of our clients
  • Maintain a DELIVERY of INVOICES correctly and on a timely manner.
  • Maintain permanent CONSULTING with our clients to improve procedures and ways of working with them.
  • Improve the ways of COMMUNICATION and INNOVATE the means of INFORMATION where our clients are able to interact with us.

Global Structure

Almanza Villarreal is an International Logistics Group with two main divisions: a Customs Broker Agency in Mexico and a Forwarder in the United States; Both business units complement each other to supply the current demand and provide a high level of service in customs consulting, forwarding, transportation and distribution of merchandise, supported by state-of-the-art technology to move shipments across borders.

Security Policies

We are committed to maintain and continuously improve our company's Security Management System to prevent, secure and avoid the vulnerability of information and activities to protect the supply chain.

Develop and execute preventive actions aimed at mitigating the risks of our processes, operations and security protocols, in a way that allows us to maintain and strengthen international trade logistics with integrity.

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- History -

Timeline Almanza

Learn about our history and business development over the years, which has led us to be a competitive Customs Agency with great knowledge of the industry


Customs Broker Fernando Almanza Freyre carries out the first foreign trade operation through Reynosa, Tamaulipas. From that moment he established a philosophy that remains as a guide to this day as is a continuous improvement.


The application of this philosophy was strengthened under the management of Customs Broker Alicia Soledad Almanza Villarreal, who obtained her broker license this year. The first operation is carried out under the Maquiladora program thru Reynosa and Agencia Aduanal Almanza is established.


Due to the great development of international trade in this year the warehouse is built under ETA Forwarding Agency in Hidalgo, Texas.


Mr. Francisco Almanza Villarreal obtains his Broker License and joins the company, which is restructured to form what is now known as Almanza Villarreal Agencia Aduanal.


The warehouse and the range of international logistics services offered from the United States in Hidalgo, Texas are expanded to create GTS International, Inc.


The company is modernized with the arrival of Alicia Guzmán Almanza who becomes Substitute Customs Broker and the Administrative Council and Board of Directors is developed.


– Operations begin in Matamoros and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, as well as in Brownsville and Laredo, Texas.


– Almanza Villarreal Agencia Aduanal evolves into an International Logistics Group and the strategic and positioning plans are redirected with a new corporate image.


Alicia Guzmán Almanza obtains her license as a Customs Broker and begins a stage of consolidation of the company as one of the leading Customs Brokerage Agencies in Northern Mexico.